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Device Repair

Device repair is one of the earliest services I offered. From hardware upgrades to repairs or just maintaining current devices, its still what I do and love to do it!


Application development has been a staple of [RaHa] Programming since it's inception in 2010. I can create Android apps, desktop apps, plugins, and much more.

Tech Products

I specialize in refurbishing equipment and saving you money. Thats why I post all the best deals right here on the site and will even send you an alert if you'd like so you never miss that once in a lifetime deal.

Call to discuss your specific needs and how we can help.

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Frequently asked Questions

Well, it depends on your budget and what exactly you need. Typically, we can upgrade 50 machines a week. Of course, if you want all new machines this can be done much faster.
Although, it depends on the complexity of your app, most projects have a timeline of about a month.
Well it depends on the condition of your current site. A complete site rebuild could take as long as a month while a couple modifications could be done in as little as a week and touch-ups the same day.