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Device Repair

One of the earliest services we offered - From hardware upgrades to repairs or just maintaining current devices, its still what we love to do!


When you need a program or a website, you need the best! An experienced developer will get the job done faster, with less headaches, and with a more professional look and feel. Put our decades of experienced college graduates to work for you.

Tech Products

Specializing in refurbished equipment and saving you money. Whether you need better hardware or your having issues with your current systems - we'll make sure you get the best deal with the best fit for the job.

Call to discuss your specific needs and how we can help.

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Frequently asked Questions

Typically, we can upgrade 50 machines a week. Of course, if you want all new machines this can be done much faster.
Although, it depends on the complexity of your app, most projects have a timeline of about a month.
A complete site rebuild could take as long as a month while a couple modifications could be done in as little as a week and touch-ups the same day.