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Track Back – Family Tracking App Exclusive Early Release!

Trackback is a completely in-house project without any ads or malware. Best of all, it’s free! I know a lot of you guys have been asking me about this so I wanted to take the time to put up a couple pictures and let you guys know the beta version is available! This is only for you, and please reach out with any bugs you find. There’s a lot of testing that goes into development, and I want to catch every little thing before releasing to the public.

trackback family tracking app

Smart background location updates ensure your device doesn’t use more battery than it needs too! I take advantage of the devices accelerometer to only get an update when the device is in motion or when another user in your group is looking for your location. This kind of simple logic makes a ton of difference in your devices battery life! Easily add family or work members with a simple numeric code.

You can share this with group members to quickly add multiple members at a time. You can also create as many Groups as you’d like to separate work and family.

trackback groups

Keep an eye on this post. I’ll upload the next version here as soon as it’s available. I’ll also let everyone know once it’s completed the steps needed to submit it to the Play store. Thank you for your support! I wish you all the best!