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Software Development

Software development for any platform at any scope.

Android applications are a great way to streamline your business. Whether your app involves tracking, communications, or even games - I can create something your guaranteed to love. With unlimited revisions and upfront, realistic timelines you can feel at ease working with us.

If your currently using three or four separate apps to get the job done, it might be worth looking into building a single application. I can connect phones and distant stores through a single, easy to use application capable of anything you can imagine.

A.I. Bots can do repetitive tasks easily and regularly - potentially replacing dozens of employees. If you have online tasks or research that needs to be performed you could benefit by organizing data and reducing man-power with a custom built bot.

The most up to date coding methods to bring you apps specific to your business needs.

From hardware specific software to new functionality for existing devices - if you have a vision, I can help you realize it.

Hardware Maintenance

Keeping your machines up to date and running smoothly.

As a matter of good practice, I always do a full scan and wipe of any malicious software found during any work request.

Whether it's a single machine or hundreds - I can quickly and easily update your hardware or software to the most recent available.

Often, a machine that's not running well can greatly benefit by finding the bottle-neck and upgrading it - whether that be faster drives, more memory, or more intuitive peripherals.

I do on-site screen repair as well as board replacements when needed. Call to schedule an appointment today at 228-304-9202.

Quick, affordable repairs

Web Design & Development

Industry Leading Experts.

Social Media Sites, Online Stores, or even simple blogs - the sky is the limit!

With web design communication is the key. Starting with a one on one interview will always streamline the process. Transparency and weekly updates keep you informed and in the loop through the entire process and of course you always get unlimited revisions. Taking your ideas and turning them into reality is what its all about and nobody does it better than us.

Whether you need a mom and pop store or a multi-faceted online market-place - securing your site from the beginning is my top priority.

Creating something unique is what puts you above your competitors. I can create media for you or modify your existing content.

Updated content isn't just a good idea - it's what keeps your search results high and gets customers coming back. I can create ongoing content for you on a weekly basis - standard with all of my customers.


Laptops, Desktops, tablets, and more!

I find some of the best prices you'll ever see by buying and refurbishing hardware on a regular basis.

I only resell the best equipment in top condition. guaranteed by a money-back guarantee.

I back all of our products with a 1 year limited warranty.

Best Prices, Top Brands


Get your business out there!

Getting your business to the top and staying there!

The first step in a good marketing campaign is search engine visibility. If you aren't showing up, people can't contact you. I 'll identify problem areas and solve them.

Build your brand with our branded approach to social media attention. I use the latest technology to get your name out there and noticed.