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How to Set Up a Signature in RoundCube Webmail


An email signature is a personalized block of text at the bottom of an email.

If the Webmail interface (cPanel » Home » Email Accounts » Check Email ) does not have a setting for assigning a signature for your email to use. You will need to configure signatures within the Webmail Client that you use.

  1. Log into your webmail client.
  2. Click setting in the top-right section of the screen (circled).webmail
  3. Click Identities (circled)webmail
  4. Select the current email under Identities (circled).
  5. Enter the details for this Identity in the fields. In the Signature section check the box for HTML.
  6. You can now upload your custom signature as an image. Feel free to add any other details you may like to your custom signature.

How to add custom email signatures on iPhone and iPad

For this tutorial, we’ll cover how to add email signatures on iPhone and iPad when using the default Mail app. If you’re looking to add a signature via a third-party email client, take a look in settings of that particular app.

With the iOS Mail app, you can have a signature apply to all email accounts you are using, or have different signatures for each account.

How to add custom email signatures on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings
  2. Swipe down and tap Mail
  3. Swipe down and select Signature
  4. Enter your signature (can be the same for all accounts or on per account basis)

Here’s how the process looks:

email signatures on iPhone

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, you’ll need to set up signatures on both devices as they don’t sync automatically. Follow the same steps as above.